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Data structures through c++

ARRAYS Abstract Data Types and the C++ Class, An Introduction to C++ Class- Data Abstraction and Encapsulation in C++- Declaring Class Objects and Invoking Member Functions- Special Class Operations- Miscellaneous Topics- ADTs and C++Classes, The Array as an Abstract Data Type, The Polynomial Abstract Data type- Polynomial Representation- Polynomial Addition. Spares Matrices,Introduction- Sparse Matrix Representation- Transposing a Matrix- Matrix Multiplication, Representation of Arrays. 

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STACKS AND QUEUES Templates in C++, Template Functions- Using Templates to Represent Container Classes, The Stack Abstract Data Type, The Queue Abstract Data Type, Subtyping and Inheritance in C++, Evaluation of Expressions, Expression- Postfix Notation- Infix to Postfix. 

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LINKED LISTS Single Linked List and Chains, Representing Chains in C++, Defining a Node in C++- Designing a Chain Class in C++- Pointer manipulation in C++- Chain Manipulation Operations, The Template Class Chain, Implementing Chains with Templates- Chain Iterators- Chain OperationsReusing a Class, Circular Lists, Available Space Lists, Linked Stacks and Queues, Polynomials, Polynomial Representation- Adding Polynomials- Circular List Representation of Polynomials, Equivalence Classes, Sparse Matrices, Sparse Matrix Representation- Sparse Matrix InputDeleting a Sparse Matrix, Doubly Linked Lists, Generalized Lists, Representation of Generalized Lists- Recursive Algorithms for Lists- Reference Counts, Shared and Recursive Lists.

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TREES Introduction, Terminology, Representation of Trees, Binary Trees, The Abstract Data Type, Properties of Binary Tress, Binary Tree Representations, Binary Tree Traversal and Tree Iterators, Introduction, Inorder Traversal Preorder Traversal, Postorder Traversal, Thread Binary Trees, Threads, Inorder Traversal of a Threaded Binary Tree, Inserting a Node into a Threaded Binary Tree, Heaps, Priority Queues, Definition of a Max Heap, Insertion into a Max Heap, Deletion from a Max Heap, Binary Search Trees, Definition, Searching a Binary Search Tree, Insertion into a Binary Search Tree, Deletion from a Binary Search Tree, Height of Binary Search Tree. 

GRAPHS The Graph Abstract Data Type, Introduction, Definition, Graph Representation, Elementary Graph Operation, Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, Connected Components, Spanning Trees, Biconnected Components, Minimum Cost Spanning Trees, Kruskal S Algorithm, Prim s Algorithm Sollin’ s Algorithm, Shortest Paths and Transitive Closure, Single Source/All Destination: Nonnegative Edge Cost, Single Source/All Destination: General Weights, All-Pairs Shortest Path, Transitive Closure.

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SORTING Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort Merging, Iterative Merge Sort, Recursive Merge Sort, Heap Sort. 

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