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Electromagnetic Fields

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Electrostatics: Electrostatic Fields – Coulomb’s Law – Electric Field Intensity (EFI) – EFI due to a line and a surface charge – Work done in moving a point charge in an electrostatic field – Electric Potential – Properties of potential function – Potential gradient – Guass’s law –– Maxwell’s first law, div( D )=ρv Laplace’s and Poison’s equations and Solution of Laplace’s equation in one variable.

Conductors – Dielectrics and Capacitance: Electric dipole – Dipole moment – potential and EFI due to an electric dipole – Torque on an Electric dipole in an electric field – Behaviour of conductors in an electric field – Conductors and Insulators Polarization – Boundary conditions between conduction to Dielectric and dielectric to dielectrics capacitance – capacitance of parallel plates, spherical and coaxial cables with composite dielectrics –Energy stored and energy density in a static electric field – Current density – conduction and Convection current densities – Ohm’s law in point form – Equation of continuity 

Magneto statics and Ampere’s Law: Static magnetic fields – Biot-Savart’s law – Oesterd’s experiment - Magnetic field intensity (MFI) – MFI due to a straight current carrying filament – MFI due to circular, square and solenoid current – Carrying wire – Relation between magnetic flux, magnetic flux density and MFI – Maxwell’s second Equation, div(B)=0 –Ampere’s circuital law and its applications viz. MFI due to an infinite sheet of current and a long filament carrying conductor – Point form of Ampere’s circuital law –Field due to a circular loop, rectangular and square loops, Maxwell’s third equation, Curl (H)=J. 

Force in Magnetic fields: Magnetic force - Moving charges in a Magnetic field – Lorentz force equation – force on a current element in a magnetic field – Force on a straight and a long current carrying conductor in a magnetic field – Force between two straight long and parallel current carrying conductors – Magnetic dipole and dipole moment – a differential current loop as a magnetic dipole – Torque on a current loop placed in a magnetic field. 

Self and Mutual inductance: Self and Mutual inductance – determination of self-inductance of a solenoid and toroid and mutual inductance between a straight long wire and a square loop wire in the same plane – energy stored and density in a magnetic field.

Time Varying Fields: Time varying fields – Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction – Its integral and point forms – Maxwell’s fourth equation, Curl (E)=-∂B/∂t – Statically and Dynamically induced EMFs – Simple problems -Modification of Maxwell’s equations for time varying fields – Displacement current – Poynting Theorem and Poynting vector.