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Geo technical Engineering-i

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UNIT–I:- Introduction: 
Soil formation – soil structure and clay mineralogy – Adsorbed water – Mass- volume relationship –Relative density , Mechanism of compaction – factors affecting – effects of compaction on soil properties - compaction control.

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UNIT–II:- Index Properties Of Soils: 
Grain size analysis – Sieve and Hydrometer methods – consistency limits and indices – Various Types of soil Classifications – Unified soil classification and I.S. Soil classification.


UNIT–III:- Permeability:
Soil water – capillary rise – One dimensioned flow of water through soils – Darcy’s law- permeability – Factors affecting –laboratory determination of coefficient of permeability –Permeability of layered systems. Total, neutral and effective stresses –quick sand condition – 2-D flow and Laplace’s equation - Seepage through soils –
Flow nets: Characteristics and Uses.

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UNIT–IV:- Stress Distribution In Soils:-
 Stresses induced by applied loads - Boussinesq’s and Westergaard’s theories for point loads and areas of different shapes– Newmark’s influence chart – 2:1 stress distribution method.


UNIT–V:- Consolidation: 
Compressibility of soils – e-p and e-log p curves – Stress history – Concept of consolidation - Spring Analogy - Terzaghi’s theory of one- dimensional Consolidation – Time rate of consolidation and degree of consolidation – Determination of coefficient of consolidation (cv) - Over consolidated and normally consolidated clays.

UNIT–VI:- Shear Strength of Soils: 
Basic mechanism of shear strength - Mohr – Coulomb Failure theories – Stress-Strain behavior of Sands - Critical Void Ratio – Stress- Strain behavior of clays – Shear Strength determination- various drainage conditions.