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Water Resource Engineering-I

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UNIT-I:- Introduction:
Engineering hydrology and its applications, Hydrologic cycle, hydrological data-sources of data. Precipitation: Types and forms, measurement, raingauge network, presentation of rainfall data, average rainfall, continuity and consistency of rainfall data, frequency of rainfall, Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) curves, Depth-Area-Duration (DAD) curves, Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP), design storm.


UNIT-II:- Abstractions from Precipitation: 
Initial abstractions. Evaporation: factors affecting, measurement, reduction Evapotranspiration: factors affecting, measurement, control Infiltration: factors affecting, Infiltration capacity curve, measurement, infiltration indices.


UNIT-III:- Runoff:
Catchment characteristics, Factors affecting runoff, components, computation- empirical formulae, tables and curves, stream gauging, rating curve, flow mass curve and flow duration curve. Hydrograph analysis: Components of hydrograph, separation of base flow, effective rainfall hyetograph and direct runoff hydrograph, unit hydrograph, assumptions, derivation of unit hydrograph, unit hydrographs of different durations, principle of superposition and S-hydrograph methods, limitations and applications of unit hydrograph, synthetic unit hydrograph.


UNIT-IV:- Floods:
Causes and effects, frequency analysis- Gumbel’s and Log-Pearson type III distribution methods, Standard Project Flood (SPF) and Probable Maximum Flood (MPF), flood control methods and management. Flood Routing: Hydrologic routing, channel and reservoir routing-Muskingum and Puls methods of routing


UNIT-V:- Groundwater: 
Occurrence, types of aquifers, aquifer parameters, porosity, specific yield, permeability, transmissivity and storage coefficient, types of wells, Darcy’s law, Dupuit’s equation- steady radial flow to wells in confined and unconfined aquifers, yield of a open well-recuperation test.


UNIT-VI:- Advanced Topics in Hydrology:
Rainfall-runoff Modelling, instantaneous unit hydrograph (IUH) - conceptual models - Clark and Nash models, general hydrological models- Chow - Kulandaiswamy model.