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Distributed System

Distributed System Syllabus:-

UNIT-I:- Characterization of Distributed Systems: Introduction, Examples of Distributed Systems, Resource Sharing and the Web, Challenges. System Models: Introduction, Architectural Models- Software Layers, System Architecture, Variations, Interface and Objects, Design Requirements for Distributed Architectures, Fundamental Models- Interaction Model, Failure Model, Security Model.  

UNIT-II:- Interprocess Communication: Introduction, The API for the Internet Protocols- The Characteristics of Interprocess communication, Sockets, UDP Datagram Communication, TCP Stream Communication; External Data Representation and Marshalling; Client Server Communication; Group Communication- IP Multicast- an implementation of group communication, Reliability and Ordering of Multicast

UNIT-III:- Distributed Objects and Remote Invocation: Introduction, Communication between Distributed Objects- Object Model, Distributed Object Modal, Design Issues for RMI, Implementation of RMI, Distributed Garbage Collection; Remote Procedure Call, Events and Notifications, Case Study: JAVA RMI 

UNIT-IV:- Operating System Support: Introduction, The Operating System Layer, Protection, Processes and Threads –Address Space, Creation of a New Process, Threads. 

UNIT-V:- Distributed File Systems: Introduction, File Service Architecture; Peer-to-Peer Systems: Introduction, Napster and its Legacy, Peer-to-Peer Middleware, Routing Overlays. Coordination and Agreement: Introduction, Distributed Mutual Exclusion, Elections, Multicast Communication. 

UNIT-VI:- Transactions & Replications: Introduction, System Model and Group Communication, Concurrency Control in Distributed Transactions, Distributed Dead Locks, Transaction Recovery; Replication-Introduction, Passive (Primary) Replication, Active Replication.

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