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Electrical Circuit Analysis - I

Electrical Circuit Analysis - II 

Electrical Machines-I 

Basic Electronics and Devices 

Electro Magnetic Fields 

Thermal and Hydro Prime Movers

Electrical Measurements 

Electrical Machines-II 

Switching Theory and Logic Design

Control Systems 

Power Systems-I

Power Systems-II 

Renewable Energy Sources 

Signals and Systems 

Pulse & Digital Circuits 

Power Electronics

Power Electronic Controllers & Drives 

Power System Analysis 

Micro Processors and Micro controllers 

Data Structures

Open Elective

1. Unix and Shell Programming

2. OOPS Through JAVA

3. VLSI Design

4. Robotics

5. Neural Networks &Fuzzy Logic

6. Energy Audit and Conservation&

Utilization of Electrical Energy

Linear IC Applications 

Power System Operation & Control

Switchgear and Protection

Elective – I:

1. Electrical Machine Modeling and Analysis

2. Advanced Control Systems

3. Programmable Logic Controllers&

4. Instrumentation

Elective – II:

1. Optimization Techniques

2. Electric Power Quality

3. Special Electrical Machines

Digital Control Systems 

HVDC Transmission 

Electrical Distribution Systems 

Elective – III:

1. High Voltage Engineering

2. Flexible Alternating Current Transmission

3. Power System Reforms