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Big Data Analytics


 Data structures in Java: Linked List, Stacks, Queues, Sets, Maps; Generics: Generic classes and Type parameters, Implementing Generic Types, Generic Methods, Wrapper Classes, Concept of Serialization 

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Working with Big Data: Google File System, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) – Building blocks of Hadoop (Namenode, Datanode, Secondary Namenode, JobTracker, TaskTracker), Introducing and Configuring Hadoop cluster (Local, Pseudo-distributed mode, Fully Distributed mode), Configuring XML files. 

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Writing MapReduce Programs: A Weather Dataset, Understanding Hadoop API for MapReduce Framework (Old and New), Basic programs of Hadoop MapReduce: Driver code, Mapper code, Reducer code, RecordReader, Combiner, Partitioner

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Hadoop I/O: The Writable Interface, WritableComparable and comparators, Writable Classes: Writable wrappers for Java primitives, Text, BytesWritable, NullWritable, ObjectWritable and GenericWritable, Writable collections, Implementing a Custom Writable: Implementing a RawComparator for speed, Custom comparators

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Pig: Hadoop Programming Made Easier Admiring the Pig Architecture, Going with the Pig Latin Application Flow, Working through the ABCs of Pig Latin, Evaluating Local and Distributed Modes of Running Pig Scripts, Checking out the Pig Script Interfaces, Scripting with Pig Latin 

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Applying Structure to Hadoop Data with Hive: Saying Hello to Hive, Seeing How the Hive is Put Together, Getting Started with Apache Hive, Examining the Hive Clients, Working with Hive Data Types, Creating and Managing Databases and Tables, Seeing How the Hive Data Manipulation Language Works, Querying and Analyzing Data

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