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Design and Analysis of Algorithms

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Introduction: What is an Algorithm, Algorithm Specification, Pseudocode Conventions Recursive Algorithm, Performance Analysis, Space Complexity, Time Complexity, Amortized Complexity, Amortized Complexity, Asymptotic Notation, Practical Complexities, Performance Measurement. 
Dived and Conquer: General Method, Defective Chessboard, Binary Search, Finding the Maximum and Minimum, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Performance Measurement, Randomized Sorting Algorithms. 
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The Greedy Method: The General Method, Knapsack Problem, Job Sequencing with Deadlines, Minimum-cost Spanning Trees, Prim’s Algorithm, Kruskal’s Algorithms, An Optimal Randomized Algorithm, Optimal Merge Patterns, Single Source Shortest Paths. 
Dynamic Programming: All - Pairs Shortest Paths, Single – Source Shortest paths General Weights, String Edition, 0/1 Knapsack, Reliability Design, 
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Backtracking: The General Method, The 8-Queens Problem, Sum of Subsets, Graph Coloring , Hamiltonian Cycles. 
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Branch and Bound: The Method, Least cost (LC) Search, The 15-Puzzle: an Example, Control Abstraction for LC-Search, Bounding, FIFO Branch-and-Bound, LC Branch and Bound, 0/1 Knapsack Problem, LC Branch-and Bound Solution, FIFO Branch-and-Bound Solution, Traveling Salesperson. 

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