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Software Testing Methodologies

 Introduction: Purpose of Testing, Dichotomies, Model for Testing, Consequences of Bugs,Taxonomy of Bugs. Flow graphs and Path testing: Basics Concepts of Path Testing, Predicates, Path Predicates andAchievable Paths, Path Sensitizing, Path Instrumentation, Application of Path Testing. 
Transaction Flow Testing: Transaction Flows, Transaction Flow Testing Techniques. Dataflow testing: Basics of Dataflow Testing, Strategies in Dataflow Testing, Application ofDataflow Testing. 
Domain Testing: Domains and Paths, Nice & Ugly Domains, Domain testing, Domains andInterfaces Testing, Domain and Interface Testing, Domains and Testability. Paths, Path products and Regular expressions: Path Products & Path Expression, Reduction Procedure, Applications, Regular Expressions & Flow Anomaly Detection. 
Syntax Testing: Why, What and How, A Grammar for formats, Test Case Generation, Implementation and Application and Testability Tips. Logic Based Testing: Overview, Decision Tables, Path Expressions, KV Charts, and Specifications. 
State, State Graphs and Transition Testing: State Graphs, Good & Bad State Graphs, State Testing, and Testability Tips.  Graph Matrices and Application:-Motivational overview, matrix of graph, relations, power of a matrix, node reduction algorithm. 
Software Testing Tools: Introduction to Testing, Automated Testing, Concepts of Test Automation, Introduction to list of tools like Win runner, Load Runner, Jmeter, About Win Runner ,Using Win runner, Mapping the GUI, Recording Test, Working with Test, Enhancing Test, Checkpoints, Test Script Language, Putting it all together, Running and Debugging Tests, Analyzing Results, Batch Tests, Rapid Test Script Wizard. 
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