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Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission lines

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UNIT I:- Review of Co-ordinate Systems, Electrostatics:
 Coulomb’s Law, Electric Field Intensity, Electric Flux Density, Gauss Law and Applications, Electric Potential, Maxwell’s Two Equations for Electrostatic Fields, Energy Density, Illustrative Problems. Convection and Conduction Currents, Dielectric Constant, Continuity Equation, Relaxation Time, Poisson’s and Laplace’s Equations; Capacitance – Parallel Plate, Coaxial Capacitors, Illustrative Problems. [1,5] .


UNIT II:- Magneto Statics : 
Biot-Savart Law, Ampere’s Circuital Law and Applications, Magnetic Flux Density, Maxwell’s Two Equations for Magnetostatic Fields, Magnetic Scalar and Vector Potentials, Forces due to Magnetic Fields, Ampere’s Force Law, Inductances and Magnetic Energy. Illustrative Problems. [1,5]
Maxwell’s Equations (Time Varying Fields): Faraday’s Law and Transformer emf, Inconsistency of Ampere’s Law and Displacement Current Density, Maxwell’s Equations in Different Final Forms and Word Statements. Conditions at a Boundary Surface : Dielectric-Dielectric and Dielectric-Conductor Interfaces. Illustrative Problems. [1,2]


UNIT III:- EM Wave Characteristics - 
I: Wave Equations for Conducting and Perfect Dielectric Media, Uniform Plane Waves – Definition, All Relations Between E & H, Sinusoidal Variations, Wave Propagation in Lossy dielectrics, lossless dielectrics, free space, wave propagation in good conductors, skin depth, Polarization & Types. Illustrative Problems. [1,2,3]


UNIT IV:- EM Wave Characteristics – II:
Reflection and Refraction of Plane Waves – Normal and Oblique Incidences, for both Perfect Conductor and Perfect Dielectrics, Brewster Angle, Critical Angle and Total Internal Reflection, Surface Impedance. Poynting Vector and Poynting Theorem – Applications, Power Loss in a Plane Conductor. Illustrative Problems. [2,3,4] 


UNIT V:- Transmission Lines - I : 
Types, Parameters, T&π Equivalent Circuits, Transmission Line Equations, Primary & Secondary Constants, Expressions for Characteristic Impedance, Propagation Constant, Phase and Group Velocities, Infinite Line, Lossless lines, distortion less lines, Loading - Types of Loading. Illustrative Problems. [1,7]


UNIT VI:- Transmission Lines – II :
Input Impedance Relations, SC and OC Lines, Reflection Coefficient, VSWR. Low loss radio frequency lines and UHF Transmission lines, UHF Lines as Circuit Elements; Impedance Transformations λ/4, λ /2, λ/8 Lines –. Smith Chart – Construction and Applications, Quarter wave transformer, Stub Matching-single & double, Illustrative Problems. [1,7]