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Electronic Circuit Analysis

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 Small Signal High Frequency Transistor Amplifier models:
BJT: Transistor at high frequencies, Hybrid- π common emitter transistor model, Hybrid π conductances, Hybrid π capacitances, validity of hybrid π model, determination of high-frequency parameters in terms of low-frequency parameters , CE short circuit current gain, current gain with resistive load, cut-off frequencies, frequency response and gain bandwidth product.
 FET: Analysis of common Source and common drain Amplifier circuits at high frequencies.


UNIT-II:- Multistage Amplifiers : 
Classification of amplifiers, methods of coupling, cascaded transistor amplifier and its analysis, analysis of two stage RC coupled amplifier, high input resistance transistor amplifier circuits and their analysis-Darlington pair amplifier, Cascode amplifier, Boot-strap emitter follower, Analysis of multi stage amplifiers using FET, Differential amplifier using BJT.


UNIT -III:- Feedback Amplifiers : 
Feedback principle and concept, types of feedback, classification of amplifiers, feedback topologies, Characteristics of negative feedback amplifiers, Generalized analysis of feedback amplifiers, Performance comparison of feedback amplifiers, Method of analysis of feedback amplifiers.


UNIT-IV:-  Oscillators: 
Oscillator principle, condition for oscillations, types of oscillators, RC-phase shift and Wein bridge oscillators with BJT and FET and their analysis, Generalized analysis of LC Oscillators, Hartley and Colpitt’s oscillators with BJT and FET and their analysis, Frequency and amplitude stability of oscillators.


UNIT-V:- Power Amplifiers:
Classification of amplifiers, Class A power Amplifiers and their analysis, Harmonic Distortions, Class B Push-pull amplifiers and their analysis, Complementary symmetry push pull amplifier, Class AB power amplifier, Class-C power amplifier, Thermal stability and Heat sinks, Distortion in amplifiers.


UNIT-VI:- Tuned Amplifiers :
Introduction, Q-Factor, small signal tuned amplifier, capacitance single tuned amplifier, double tuned amplifiers, effect of cascading single tuned amplifiers on band width, effect of cascading double tuned amplifiers on band width, staggered tuned amplifiers, stability of tuned amplifiers, wideband amplifiers.