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➥Software Architecture & Design Patterns


Envisioning Architecture The Architecture Business Cycle, What is Software Architecture, Architectural patterns, reference models, reference architectures, architectural structures and views. Creating and Architecture Quality Attributes, Achieving qualities, Architectural styles and patterns, designing the Architecture, Documenting software architectures, Reconstructing Software Architecture. 

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Analyzing Architectures Architecture Evaluation, Architecture design decision making, ATAM, CBAM Moving from One System to Many Software Product Lines, Building systems from off the shelf components, Software architecture in future.

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Patterns Pattern Description, Organizing catalogs, role in solving design problems, Selection and usage. Creational Patterns Abstract factory, Builder, Factory method, Prototype, Singleton

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Structural Patterns Adapter, Bridge, Composite, Decorator, Façade, Flyweight, PROXY. 

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Behavioral Patterns  Chain of responsibility, command, Interpreter, iterator, mediator, memento, observer, state, strategy, template method, visitor. 

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Case Studies A-7E – A case study in utilizing architectural structures, The World Wide Web - a case study in Interoperability, Air Traffic Control – a case study in designing for high availability, Celsius Tech – a case study in product line development. A Case Study (Designing a Document Editor): Design Problems, Document Structure, Formatting, Embellishing the User Interface, Supporting Multiple Look-and-Feel Standards, Supporting Multiple Window Systems, User Operations, Spelling Checking and Hyphenation.

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