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Web Technologies


HTML, CSS Basic Syntax, Standard HTML Document Structure, Basic Text Markup, Images, Hypertext Links, Lists, Tables, Forms, HTML5 CSS: Levels of Style Sheets, Style Specification Formats, Selector Forms, The Box Model, Conflict Resolution 

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Java script The Basic of Java script: Objects, Primitives Operations and Expressions, Screen Output and Keyboard Input, Control Statements, Object Creation and Modification, Arrays, Functions, Constructors, Pattern Matching using Regular Expressions DHTML: Positioning Moving and Changing Elements 

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 XML: Document type Definition, XML schemas, Document object model, XSLT, DOM and SAX Approaches, AJAX A New Approach: Introduction to AJAX, Integrating PHP and AJAX. 

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PHP Programming: Introducing PHP: Creating PHP script, Running PHP script. Working with variables and constants: Using variables, Using constants, Data types,Operators.Controlling program flow: Conditional statements,Control statements,Arrays,functions.Working with forms and Databases such as MySQL. 

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Introduction to PERL, Operators and if statements, Program design and control structures, Arrays, Hashs and File handling, Regular expressions, Subroutines, Retrieving documents from the web with Perl. 

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Introduction to Ruby, Variables, types, simple I/O, Control, Arrays, Hashes, Methods, Classes, Iterators, Pattern Matching. Overview of Rails.

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